Depot Town Tattoo
We are currently appointment only and have been doing all of our booking through e-mail!

If you have an appointment we will ask that you come alone and wear a mask.

We are all in this together.

Stay safe and sanitary,

Depot Town in 2020
Hello, Everyone! If you're reading this you may have noticed that we haven't kept you up to date lately but now we're going to fill you in on what 2020 brings to you!

Over 2018/2019 we added 3 Tattooers to the Team! In late 2018 Amalia Aveni and in 2019 our apprentice Dillon Irwin started his adventure into tattooing! Last to join the team full-time was Mandee Jane Robinson who moved from Lexington, KY to be with us!

We currently have 8 Tattooers who work with us! All of them take walk-ins or are able to make appointments! Some of our artists already have their books closed until the spring but others are open!

Working with us now is listed underneath

B. Falsetta
Jon Larson
CJ Cook
Amalia Aveni
Dillon Irwin
Mandee Jane Robinson
Rick Woods

We Are Open Monday - Saturday 1pm - 8pm and Sunday 12pm - 6pm
CJ and apprentice heather have reserved every Wednesday for walk-ins only--first come, first served! We can do a small design you bring in, or we have hundreds of flash designs to choose from, and don't forget about our Get What You Get option! Wednesdays are a good day to come in with your group of friends that all want a little something :}
New Changes at Depot Town!
Lots of news coming from Depot Town Tattoo!

First, Dawn Cooke is now working full time at her shop, Harlequin Tattoo located in Hamtramck. Congrats and best wishes!

Next, we would like to welcome new artist Joe Young. Joe is a stellar tattooer, and would love to talk with you about your next traditional tattoo idea. Check out his Instagram link, stop by and say hi!

We are doing Walk-in Wednesdays again! Cj Cook, and apprentice Heather have reserved the day for walk-ins only--first come, first served! Come take a look through our hundreds of designs, or bring in the small design you've been wanting.

And finally, we have done some major updates and renovations to the shop. Come and check out the new setup, we would love to see you!
Welcome CJ and Kyle!
We have two new additions to our shop: CJ Cook, and Kyle Hath!
Check out their work on instagram
NO More Piercing
Depot Town tattoo does not offer piercing!
Sorry guys! we are referring all requests to the best place to get piercings, Pangea piercing, Ann Arbor MI.
Harlequin Tattoo
We are opening another shop. Harlequin Tattoo is now in Hamtramck! 11833 Jos. Compau. Come visit!